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Taiwan Tea Culture & Culinary Tour
Autumn 2024 Program

We have been planning this trip for a year and a half now, joining forces with our beloved collaborators and trusted farmers in Taiwan, which we are going to reveal for the first time, face to face, with our audience.

תה טייוואן

"Ye fang cha 野放茶 is the most sustainable agriculture approach for tea growing; tea produced without human interference. The interaction of the trees with living organism in the soil, brings out the original taste and texture of the tea".


Master Jian

This program is original and unique to ho yum tea, curated 100% based on our own experience in multiple visits to the island in the past decade. Every place we visit, every master we meet, and every meal we will have, has been tried before or planned by us exclusively for this trip. This is not a tourist package or bundle ever offered before by anyone else.

sun moon lake

Small Group

Small group of 13 travelers, along with 4 staff members lead by Pink & Nadi


10 Days Program

Everyday we will meet a different master with a different speciality

tea making

100% Original

Based on our own experience, every activity was planned by us exclusively for this trip

We will travel with a private minibus, as a small group of up to 9 travelers, in a boutique program for 10 days in northwest and central Taiwan. The program will be focusing on wild growing and tea making, combined with local culinary gems and cultural activities. This is the ultimate experience for tea and culinary enthusiasts who want to take on a meaningful, educational journey to Taiwan, to meet real tea masters all the way to the source, without worrying about language and cultural gaps. We will provide full guidance and translation for all events and activities in an unforgettable trip to Taiwan.

"Tea grown with pesticides and fertilizers has lost its original properties and medicinal values. Natural wild tea is an elixir that combines the energy of heaven and earth; it’s about cha qi and energy."

Master Chen

אוכל טייוואני

Local Culinary Hidden Gems

Inspired by both China and Japan, the culinary scene in Taiwan is full with traditional and modern influences from Asia's best cuisines. We will share together a variety of different meals, such as street food, regional traditions, and fine dining tea pairing experiences.

אוכל טאיוואני

Schedule Highlights

אוכל רחוב טאיוואן

Day 1 - Taipei

  • Hotel check-in (meeting point)

  • Opening session in a tea house, greetings with tea & snacks

  • Taipei night market, including free time for a night walk.

טיול מאורגן לטייוואן

Day 2: Taipei, Beipu

  • Local brunch including Taiwanese pancakes

  • Guided tour in the National Palace Museum

  • Dinner at Hakka restaurant in Beipu old town

חקלאות בת קיימא

Day 3: Emei Shan

  • Wild tea plantation & factory tour

  • 12-course tea-based fine dining lunch

  • Eastern Beauty masterclass

  • Traditional pastries and free time in weekend market

חקלאות אורגנית

Day 4: SML, Mingjian

  • Hakka breakfast & Leicha

  • Bicycle route / boat trip in Sun Moon Lake

  • Homestay and dinner in Lugu village

סיור תה

Day 5-6: Lugu, Alishan

  • Baking masterclass in Mingjian

  • Hongyu and Dong Ding tea tasting in Lugu

  • Hiking through tea plantation in Alishan

טיול תה

Day 7: Alishan

  • Early morning picking and tea-making hands-on experience

  • Wild tea plantation tour

  • Sunset masterclass in Woodhouse

  • Hotpot dinner

כלים לתה

Day 8: Yingge

  • Lunch in Taichung

  • Yingge clay museum guided tour

  • Teaware shopping (free time)

  • Back to Taipei city

  • Night off in city center

בית תה טייוואן

Day 9: Taipei

  • City walk: Lunch, bubble tea, local pastries

  • Tea workshop in a tea house

  • Fine dining tea pairing experience with a private chef

בתי תה בטאיוואן

Day 10: Taipei

  • Hotel check-out

  • Tea workshop in tea house

  • Farewell gathering

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טיול תה לטייוואן
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